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India Gate Organic Basmati Rice originates from India is a natural health food excellent in aroma and taste of India Gate and manufactured through a quality system certified by international certification body.

Our organic basmati rice farming had initiated in 2004 with 23 basmati rice growers in the fertile Ganges river belt. Presently, our organic project is spread in an area of about 5000 Acres with dedicated 800 farmer families. The organic project is being certified by Control Union Certifications, Mumbai (Member of Control Union World Group) according to NPOP, EC 834/2007 and NOP regulations. Through the contract farming programme, a farm-firm linkage is established providing assured markets, remunerative prices, technology extension and market information. We have successfully established a role model for effective contract farming practices and the farmers who have joined hands with KRBL have become the most important and fundamental members of the extended KRBL family.

We associate with the farmers right from the stage of sowing of the right quality seeds through the cultivation period, provide intensive farm management services and guide the farmers till the crop is harvested and brought into the warehouse unit. A team of more than 65 members in Agri division is dedicated to the task of providing proper extension services to the farmers. The eco friendly measures practiced in the farm for soil conditioning and pest and disease management ensures that any adverse effects on the environment are minimized besides conserving the environment and local communities.

We ensure the conformance to the highest quality standards coupled with fully automated and hygienic production units, laced with adequate and comprehensive quality checks resulting in superior products. In every stage of value chain, the product is carefully handled based on the laid down principles and procedures. Our special R&D cell studies the subject in all its complex nuances and handles issued on quality parameters, ageing etc. The quality of organic basmati rice produced in our programme is impeccable and unmatched with any other products available in the market. It also guarantees every consumer of our product that it is the best quality available across India in light of quality and social responsiveness. The entire traceability system of our programme is extensive to achieve precise identification of product origin.

We anticipate expanding the organic basmati operations to the tune of 10,000 acres within a period of 5 years. Through this dedicated programme, we develop business relationship with buyers who appreciate the vision behind the organic movement thereby fulfilling the dreams of our farmers in making their product globally available.


  1. India Gate Organic Brown Basmati Rice
  2. India Gate Organic White Basmati Rice
  3. Traditional Brown Basmati Rice
  4. Traditional White Basmati Rice
  5. Pusa Brown Basmati Rice
  6. Pusa White Basmati Rice

*Available in 1 kg, 25 kg and 1 MT Bulker bags, Totes bags

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