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For us, the old saying “Milled rice is only as good as the paddy that is procured” is an article of faith.

We lay the utmost stress on procurement and consider it the first, most critical step in ensuring quality. We brook no compromises, no shortcuts.

A strong relationship with the farmers through Contact Farming differentiates us from our competitors. The Agri-Service Division works closely with the farmers during each life-cycle of the crop, from sowing and re-plantation to harvesting and threshing, thereby ensuring procurement according to the desired standard.

Because paddy quality varies from district to district, and from year to year, we closely monitor the harvest at the start of the season. So, just when the season’s first paddy starts arriving in the markets, our team of rice experts along with our network of Artis (commission agents) is at hand to sample, test and grade the harvest. This enables us to identify and source the season’s best paddy.

A more thorough examination of the paddy is undertaken once it arrives at our plant. There, experienced professionals deploy a slew of sophisticated testing equipment to check samples for moisture content, head rice yield, percentage of broken, admixture, length and width of grain. Only paddy that fully conforms to our quality benchmarks is purchased and sent for storage and processing.

KRBL is well placed in terms of procuring paddy from the farmers. The company has taken various initiatives for the regular availability of paddy like Contact Farming, timely payment to the farmers in cash instead of credit, advance payment for procurement requirements for year next, educating the farmers about the right methods of rice cultivation.

KRBL’s role in the procurement of paddy

  • Procure paddy from prime Basmati growing regions of UP, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Haryana
  • Buy paddy after intensive quality check of soil and paddy
  • Test for aflatoxin, microbiological test and residual tests
  • Paddy segregated at mill arrival is earmarked for country and brand in advance
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