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We believe that the quality of the crop largely depends on the quality of the seed. That’s why, we are making conscious efforts to preserve and enrich the genetic integrity of seeds. We have established a special 300 hectare (741 acre) seed farm and a seed grading plant. We source ‘breeder’ seeds from various leading Indian Agriculture Research Institutes, which are then grown as ‘foundation’ seeds under the supervision of scientists and the government seed certification agency, before being distributed to farmers.

Extensive field trials have revealed a 12 percent increase in the yield of certified seeds. The crops were found to be healthier and free from scourges like blast and blight. Furthermore, the need for nitrogen fertilizers was reduced.

We have also entered into Seed Development & Multiplication (QSDIP program), wherein we have established a committed wing of eminent agriculture scientists to conduct research & develop pedigree seeds in line with farmer and market demand.

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